Seat a wheelchair user comfortably

You can also support wheelchair users to get healthier.

Who is the beneficiary?

The Libella Seat Varia - a tailor-made anti-pressure ulcer seat - relieves wheelchair users with critical health complications. The goal is a higher life quality without long-term health damage. Read how it works.

This is a unique solution in the market of compensatory aids. In order for the client to reap its full benefits, several fitting visits are required to resolve every detail and create a seat to fit a specific person. However, the cost of an individual seat is not fully covered by the insurance company's contribution and it is not always affordable for everybody.

That's where you can help. We want to connect those, who care about others, with people who need your help.

How does it work?

Your donation will cover part of the fitting and manufacturing costs. We will give the amount directly to the wheelchair user who needs the donation and then inform you about the payment.

If the donation is not used immediately, please be patient, sometimes you have to wait for the "right" person.

How´s the process of checking eligible for the contribution?

We want to provide only to those who really need it. We discuss with clients the options for financing the aid and check their financial resources. We offer donor funding only after careful consideration of other options.

How much money can I contribute?

The minimum contribution is 500, the maximum is 11,700. In the case of a greater contribution, it can be divided among several clients.

What does happen to the contributions you don't spend by Christmas?

The better life wheelchair contribution doesn't stop at Christmas, people need healthy sitting all year round. That's why we would like to continue this and provide unused funds to clients in the coming year. Don't worry, every sum will find its lucky recipient.

Would you like to give a donation for a wheelchair seat to a particular person and hand it over in person?

Use a gift voucher!

More questions? Contact us at and let's discuss them together!


Selling price incl. VAT: from 500 CZK